What is NOT included


While our house plans include all the information needed to construct your home, some of these additional items may be required by your local municipality.  Prior to Purchasing a set of house plans, we recommend you contact your builder, a local engineer, and building officials to learn your city, county and state building codes.  Cross reference the plan detail pages to determine what else is needed.

Some items you may need to acquire in addition to your house plan include:

Architectural or Engineering Stamp

Depending on the city, county and state building requirements, house plans may need to be reviewed by an architect or engineer for structural details and code standards.  Contact a local architect or engineer to verify the requirements for your location.

Site Plan

A site plan essentially shows how the house will fit on the lot between the property lines and the setbacks.  This document also shows, the typography, location of sidewalks, driveway, parking, water drainage, sewer lines, water lines, and landscaping. This document may also show any easements and percentage of lot coverage and any other information required by your local city, county or state building departments.

Contact a local civil engineer to obtain the site plan.

Mechanical Drawings

These types of technical drawings show information about heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Contact a local HVAC company to obtain mechanical drawings.

Plumbing Drawings

These drawings show the location of all plumbing materials through the house and outside.  Contact a local plumbing contractor.

Electrical Drawings

These drawings show the layout of all lights and switches through the house and outside.  Contact a local electrical contractor.

Energy Calculations

These calculations determine how energy efficient your new home will be.  Contact your local engineer for these calculations.

Truss Packages

These drawings show the structural framework of the timbers used to frame the roof.  Contact a local truss company to get your truss layout.

Materials List

This list typically includes the type and quantity of framing material, hardware, siding & trim, roofing, decking, doors and windows.  Contact your local builder or building materials retailers to obtain this information for your area.