Copyright Info

All of the house plans on are protected under the United States copyright laws. Reproduction of the plans or illustrations in any way is strictly prohibited.


The following statement is provided by the House Plan Marketing Association:


  1. HOME PLANS ARE COPYRIGHTED - Just like books, movies and songs, home plans receive protection under the federal copyright laws. The copyright laws prevent anyone, other than the copyright owner, from reproducing, modifying or reusing the plans or designs without written permission of the copyright owner.
  2. DO NOT COPY DESIGNS OR FLOOR PLANS FROM ANY PUBLICATION, ELECTRONIC MEDIA OR EXISTING HOME - It is a common misunderstanding that making changes to or redrawing a plan is permissible. It is not. The right to modify plans is one of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner. Copyright laws also makes it illegal to copy or redraw a constructed home, even if you have never seen the plans for the home. If you find a plan that you like, you must purchase a set of plans from an authorized source.
  3. DO NOT USE PLANS TO BUILD MORE THAN ONE HOUSE - The original purchaser of a house plan is typically licensed to build a single home from the plans. Building more than one home from the plans without permission is an infringement of the home designer's copyright, unless otherwise specified.  Some designers offer unlimited use packages which does allow for building the plan more than once. This would require a Copyright Release letter or license stating the conditions.  There are also, some designers that may have a re-use discount for their plans; you will need to contact the Copyright owner in order to determine if these options are available for a specific plan and what that would cost.
  4. HOUSE PLANS IN THE FORM OF BLUEPRINTS OR BLACKLINES CANNOT BE COPIED OR REPRODUCED - Plans, blueprints or blacklines cannot be copied or reproduced without the prior written consent of the copyright owner. If additional sets are required for estimating or construction, please contact the home designer for additional sets. Copy/print shops and blueprinters are prohibited from making copies of these plans.  The PDFs come with a license agreement that will allow for you to make copies locally.   
  5. HOUSE PLANS IN THE FORM OF BLUEPRINTS OR BLACKLINES CANNOT BE REDRAWN - Plans cannot be modified or redrawn without first obtaining the copyright owner's permission. With your purchase of plans, you are licensed to make non-structural changes by "red-lining" the purchased plans. If you need to make structural changes or need to redraw the plans for any reason, you must purchase a reproducible set of plans (see topic 6) which includes a license to modify plans. Blueprints do not come with a license to make structural changes or to redraw the plans. You may not reuse or sell the modified design.
  6. REPRODUCIBLE HOME PLANS - Reproducible plans (for example PDFs, CAD files and vellums) come with a license to make modifications to the plans. Once modified, the plans can be taken to a local copy/print shop or blueprinter to make copies of the plans to use in the construction of a single home. Only one home can be constructed from any single purchased set of reproducible plans either in original form or as modified unless otherwise stated.